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's business model is based on the assumption that computers will always be the primary tool for professionals wishing to optimize their work flow. This includes video production and music composition/recording.

Since the launch of the Apple iPad in 2010, increasingly more people expect to be mobile with tasks like Internet browsing, email, photos/video, music, games and games. However, we believe that complex editing and production tasks will continue to be performed on computers for a long time to come, if only because of the practicality of the mouse and keyboard compared to the touch screen.

Mobile Devices

It is inconvenient that the iPad and other brands of tablet do not support Java. This has proven to be a hindrance to the the success of our HarmonySuite, because it prevents the HarmonyPlayer from running on mobile devices. We hope to remedy this in the future.

Flash has also been poorly supported in mobile device browsers. Fortunately, any of our browser-based products requiring Flash can be used by adopting the free Puffin browser.

Platforms we support

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